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Tired of having to store and restore your kitchen and washroom consumables? Though it may seem insignificant, when you run out of hand wash or toilet paper, you realize how important it is. Unfortunately, it is intimidating to take time out of your busy schedule and stock bathroom and kitchen facilities and keep a track on when to restock. After all, that’s not what businesses are meant to be!

Let PSS take care of it for you. We strive to make your life hassle-free and simpler, enabling you to focus on your business. We are a leading supplier of consumables for washroom and kitchen, taking out the hassle of having to stock and restock. We will regularly monitor your bathroom and kitchen consumable needs and supply high-quality, safe products right on time. So, you never have to run out of valuable washroom and kitchen facilities.

One-Stop Solution for Top-Quality Consumables

Property Support Services is the one-stop solution for high quality consumables for your bathroom and kitchen needs. Rather than buying different products from different suppliers at an exorbitant price, why not make big savings by consolidating the supply of kitchen and bathroom facilities from PSS? In fact, we cut out the need to hire specialized staff to monitor, order, unpack and dispense the items every time. We can take care of everything and that too at just half the cost of hiring personnel.

We believe in transparency and service excellence, ensuring that you never have to take the stress of stocking your bathroom and kitchen consumables ever again. Our qualified operations manager will regularly inspect the facility to monitor the need of consumables, place order, and take care of the rest. We provide only top-quality products that are safe and non-toxic to clean, sanitize and deodorize the kitchen and bathroom to ensure superior health and safety.

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