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Exceptional FLOOR CARE Like Never Before!

A well-maintained, beautiful floor creates the first impression, and can make an important statement about your taste and quality of the environment. This is why Property Cleaning Services has a special section for floor care and maintenance. Whatever is the floor size or material, we are the best partner for you. We offer comprehensive floor care services to magically transform your dull and lifeless floor into a dazzling mirror finish surface that you can boast off. Health and safety is our foremost priority, while we ensure top-quality services, harnessing cutting-edge floor cleaning techniques and environment-friendly tools that are non-invasive and safe.

Improve Quality of Your Environment with Expert Floor Care Services

PCS is New Zealand’s leading provider of professional floor care solutions. Regardless of the condition of the floor, we have the right solution and technique to re-invigorate it to its original shine and luster. We are capable of efficiently cleaning a wide range of floors, including

  • Stone and marble floors
  • Terracotta and slate
  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles
  • Cement floors
  • Wooden flooring and laminated floor
  • Minoleum and Linoleum
  • Vinyl flooring

We understand that the requirement of each type of floor is unique. Therefore, we use different techniques to clean different types of floor to maintain its quality, luster and shine. We use grinding, honing and polishing techniques to clean your floor that will boast an unparalleled shine that highlights your place of business.

Why Choose Us?

  • Best-in-class cleaning equipment and chemicals – For us, customer satisfaction is our priority. We achieve this by exceeding their expectations in terms of superior quality deliverables. We use industrial-grade vacuum cleaners, internationally approved chemicals and floor cleaning agents, single disc machines, and floor tools to restore life in your dull and lack-luster floor.
  • Health and safety compliance – We use non-invasive, safe chemicals and equipment for floor care, and also ensure that the floor is non-slippery, ultra clean, and hygienic.
  • Flexibility – Cleaning experts at PCS are flexible enough to work at any time convenient to your schedule. Looking to re-schedule cleaning services? Give us a call today.
  • Quality control and inspection – Our operation managers will regularly visit your premises for inspection and quality control.
  • 24/7 availability – We are available around-the-clock to provide dedicated floor care services.

Not happy with our services? We will redo the entire job within 24 hours and for FREE!

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Property Cleaning Services based in Auckland provides excellent cleaning services for your properties at competitive rates. For more information, contact us now!

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