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“In the year 2000, nearly 103,000 deaths resulted from Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s) that were acquired while in the healthcare setting...reports a study.

Considering the growing incidence of death by HAI, more and more state governments are passing strict laws on hospital cleanliness and hygiene requirements, especially in the outpatient settings. There has also been a growing demand from healthcare consumers to improve hospital cleaning.

As a leader in healthcare cleaning services, we understand the importance of strictest cleaning standards in the healthcare environment. We are one of the biggest providers of cleaning solutions for the healthcare industry, including both private and government hospitals, and clinics. Our approach towards innovation, best cleaning practices, attention to details, flexibility, and customer satisfaction makes us the leading provider of service solutions in New Zealand.

Highest Quality Standards and Safety Compliance

At Property Cleaning Services, we follow stringent hygiene procedures and compliance to safety standards that not only cater to your cleaning requirements, but also reduce the risk of HIA. Our sustainable approach towards environment-friendly cleaning practices improves cleanliness and hygiene, and provides a healthier and better environment for the patients, visitors and staff.

To deliver an unparalleled level of cleanliness and hygiene, we continuously innovate and upgrade our practices and procedures to adhere to strict quality control standards in healthcare facilities. Our objective is not just to clean your facility; we are committed to eliminating unseen biological microorganisms and contamination, which are the major causes behind HIA. We are extensively train our cleaning experts and adopt the latest technology to enhance your healthcare facility.


It is our commitment to offer the best healthcare cleaning services and top-notch practices that make us the leader in dedicated service solutions in the healthcare industry. Our competitive edge lies in:

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • A team of highly experienced and well-trained cleaning experts
  • Strict quality assurance and regular inspection by operation manager
  • Professional healthcare cleaning services across New Zealand
  • Flexibility to meet your ever-changing needs
  • Innovative and environment-friendly approach to hospital cleaning and hygiene
  • 24/7 availability
  • Stringent health and safety standard compliance

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