How to Do Away With Mould Problems?

Mould - The dirty looking fungal growth! It is a problem that plagues families and households in all parts of the world.

There are several types of moulds and the worst ones can result in severely detrimental health problems. Toxic mould growth can cause fatal health complications like brain damage, blindness and death even and general issues like allergies and breathing problems too. Therefore, the very first step is to identify mould dwelling areas in your apartment and the second would be to do away with them.

Identifying Mould

There are a few indicative signs of mould infestation. One of the most common methods to check for mould is to use the senses of sight and smell. Mould looks odd and can be of various colors with black, green and orange being the most common ones. If left untreated, mould smells very musty. If ever you do get some kind of foul odour from any of your rooms, you can be check whether you are facing mould problem.

How to Deal With Mould Infestation?

1. Checking For Leaks: Mould’s best friend is moisture, and there’s nothing better than water to allow for the growth and reproduction of mould. Check for leaks in pipes and walls, as these are the most likely places for mould to grow.
2. Improving Ventilation: Mould thrives in humidity because of increase in moisture. For people living in humid areas, it is important to do everything possible to reduce the humidity levels. Keep your windows open in warm weather conditions and closed during the rainy seasons. Let enough sun-light enter home to have better ventilation.
3. Double Check Specific Areas: Two areas that are most prone to mould are bathrooms and kitchen, as these areas are the most moist and humid. Do a daily check in these areas to stop mould from growing.
4. Drying Wet Clothes: Mould thrives on anything that is moist. Wet clothes are another source of moulds. Whenever you wash your clothes, remember to dry them as soon as possible. Letting the wet clothes hang about won’t do you any favor in terms of stopping mould from growing.
5. Using Disinfectants: There are a variety of disinfectants available in the market for you to use, so don’t be shy in giving them a go. They can be pretty effective in stopping mould from reproducing.

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