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Power wash your building and keep it uber-clean and healthy with our professional water blasting services!Property Support Services is the leading provider of expert commercial cleaning services in New Zealand, harnessing latest techniques and procedures to have your premises look as good as new in no time. Over years of experience, innovative thinking and passion for our work has helped us to offer superior high-pressure water blasting and commercial cleaning services across New Zealand.

We understand that general cleaning, dusting, sweeping and mopping won’t suffice when it comes to having a large facility to look cleaner, shinier, and dirt-free, especially in industrial environments. The bulk amount of dirt, grease, and grime is difficult to clean manually, and thus, we have upgraded to high-power water blasting technique that cleans every nook and corner of the building, industrial facility or warehouse in an efficient manner. We offer indoor water blasting cleaning services to keep your premises ultra clean, hygienic, healthy and safe.

Our Water Blasting Cleaning Services

To provide the most comprehensive and best water blasting services in the industry, PCS offers a wide range of solutions for commercial and industrial cleaning.

  • Multi-Storeyed buildings – Hard hydro-blasting technique for pre-paint preparation, and detergent wash to remove dirt and grime build-up. Post-paint and general water blasting cleaning services are also provided.
  • Industries/warehouses - High-pressure water blasting to remove grime, grease, graffiti, dirt, rubber, and paint. Detergent washing is also provided for general cleaning. Asphalt removal of dirt and oil within the premises is also offered.
  • Tilt slabs - Innovative hydro blasting services to remove rust stains from tilt slabs, release agents, and prepare it for painting.

Committed to Service EXCELLENCE and Customer SATISFACTION

PSS is New Zealand’s leading cleaners, providing highly efficient and comprehensive water blasting services. Quality Control is the cornerstone of our success, and hence, leave no stone unturned to achieve superior service excellence and customer satisfaction. We understand the significance of maintaining and exceeding service standards, and thus, we adhere to strict quality control and monitoring programs that surpass your expectations.

We respect the urgency of cleaning and are available 24/7 to offer water blasting services at any time convenient to you. We have successfully worked with over 300 property managers in Auckland and across New Zealand. And if you are not happy with our services, we will redo the entire job within 24 hours and for FREE!

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Property Cleaning Services based in Auckland provides excellent cleaning services for your properties at competitive rates. For more information, contact us now!

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